Monday, October 19, 2009

Where did all the flowers go?

Heard from our (ex)STS today and he told us that our favorite counselor (JW) got an interesting call from the district the other day. The head counselor down there was wondering where all the Granite students went. Hmmmm, not worth the trouble when they're at their own school, but when they are visibly absent from the district rolls, all of a sudden they want to know what happened. Octavio and Harriett and I were talking about it and the thing that struck us was that there were enough students that deserted our fair district that those people down there actually noticed! JW simply said "Did you check Murray and Highland High?" Way to go JW.


From our favorite science teacher at Churchill (the one without any storage space)

Today I attended the LDS baptism for Paulene MAE T... D.... Yes, she and Tyrel are married. Their son, Derek, is 9 months old and walking (wobbling). He has blonde hair and light blue eyes and has dimples. He looks a lot like Tyrel. Both grandmothers dote on him. Tyrel and Mae are working on finishing school and Tyrel is working. They are both sad that Granite closed because they wanted to finish there.


Last night/early this morning I was dreaming that I was singing-- loudly! "She will remember, you'll not forget her, though you are far away. She is calling, calling to you ever, Honor the grand old "G!"

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