Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another fun thing to wile away the time

One of you friends out there sent us an invitation to do an interview at this site called WhoHub.  You can go check it out here:

But we’ll post the questions we’ve already answered here for ya.


What is your blog address? What subjects do you deal with?

Mostly we just talk about how lonely it is in a big abandoned school building and relay messages back and forth between the teachers that used to teach there.

What was it that made you create your blog? On what date did you start it?

We created the blog on August 13, 2009, a couple weeks before the beginning of the new school year. We were used to being alone with the custodians over the summer, but when the time that the building would be full of people came close, we realized it wasn't going to happen this year.

What blogging system have you adopted and why?

Blogger, because that's the one Steve uses.

How many visits a day do you get? What type of comments do you receive?

No idea. We're ghosts, not psychics.

How has 'having a blog' contributed to your life?

Yes, it helps us feel close to the poeple we miss.

Have you created relationships with other bloggers or readers of your blog?

No, lot of people don't think we're real.

How often do you post? Does regular posting of your blog require a lot of effort on your part?

Well, with only one person in the building, not much goes on, so we don't post as often as we would like to. Plus they left only this one crappy computer that I don't think they even know about, and it takes about a month to boot up.

Does blogging bring in income for you? Can one make a living from posting?

Who needs to make a living?

How do you promote your blog?

We don't.

How would you define your readers? Have you got a faithful audience?

A very small, very dedicated audience that we love.

Are there any blogs you follow daily or regularly?

Yeah, we look at Steve's to see what he's up to.

How do you see your blog evolving in the future?

No idea what so ever. Unless they tear down the building and then we'll be gone into oblivion and the blog will die.

What advice would you give to someone who wishes to begin a blog?

It's easy. Do it.


How do you find the balance between working to live and living to work?

We're dead, so we don't have to do either

In moments of tension, what techniques work in calming the mind?

Lincoln usually just flies up through the roof and watches the cars go by from there. Harriet will just go inside one of the thicker walls and stay there until she calms down and Octavio likes to go out on the lawn (we do get to roam the property too) and scare little dogs that are doing their business on the grass.

What is the greatest loss you have had in your life?

Our lives.

You have nine wins in a row in a game of roulette: do you continue because you are on a good run, or abandon the game because statistically, it is your turn to lose?

Run with the money.

Is there any superstition that makes you change your behaviour?

Dude, we ARE superstition!

Does knowing someone's zodiac sign help you to better understand that person?

Zodiac, schmodiac. What does the placement of planets millions of miles away have to do with personality?

What hobbies have you got?

Roaming the building.
Scaring little animals that wander onto the property.
3-man Pinocle.
Risk (thanks to whoever left it).
Counting cars that drive by.
Messing with the cell phone reception of people who walk by talking on their phones.

Which actor would you like to be?

Patrick Swayze or Edward Mulhare

If you were sent to a deserted island, which book, CD and film would you take with you?

Stephen King, Oingo Boingo and "101 Dalmations", the 1961 version.

A simple pleasure that for you is quite big or important.

Listening to the conversations of live people.

How do you respond to telemarketing calls?

Don't answer. Can't answer, it would take all three of us using full concentration to pick up the phone, and then all they'd hear is "whooooooooooooo"

Are you an ex-smoker? How did you quit?

We all still smoke, whenever we go over to the furnace building and fly through the chimney.

It is 5 pm on a typical Sunday: what are you doing?

Just hanging out somewhere in the building.

Something in which you are completely incompetent.

Lifting heavy things.

Of what are you an addict?

Nothing anymore, unless you consider being eternally linked to this school building as an addiction.

What toy gave you the best moments of your childhood?

Harriett's favorite toy was the corncob doll her mother helped her make back in '06 and Lincoln's favorite was the Pet Rock he got when he was 12. Octavio didn't really have a favorite toy.

How did you meet your current boy/girlfriend?

All three of us are currently without boyfriend or girlfriends. Unless we count each other, but that's all emotional, there’s nothing physical there.

What was your first vehicle?

Harriett never had a vehicle, women didn't drive back then. Octavio and his wife bought an old Studebaker the third year they were married and Lincoln had a beat up '63 Ford Pick-up when he was in high school.

Please list something you have not yet done, but that you would definitely like to do someday.

Cross over.

In your lifetime, what is the best news you have ever seen printed?

Harriett: "The 'War to End All Wars' Ends"
Octavio: "JFK Beats Richard Nixon"
Lincoln: "Man Lands on Moon"

To which other place in the world would you move without hesitation?


A bad habit you have overcome.

Biting our fingernails.

What do you imagine yourself doing for your retirement?

Oh, haunting an old school building, maybe.

If you were to return reincarnated, which real-life person would you like to be?

Any real-life person


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