Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Triple the fun with Granite Students

Got this from one of our refugees that went to Cottonwood High:

I got a good compliment from our school media person last week about our students. She said that since the "new Granite" kids have come to Cottonwood, library circulation has tripled. And that the students come into the library and read. Comments about Granite students in general have been positive.
Yea for you guys! If you got your students reading enough that the "too few students to keep the building open" can triple circulation at a school as big as Cottonwood, you deserve to pat yourselves on the back. 

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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Sounds of Silence

We know this was the week for Parent-Teacher conferences, and despite the fact that nobody else was here, we decided to make the best of it. We took turns playing teacher, parent and student. Good thing there is three of us, or it would have been really hard. Octavio (he's the one on the left) got to play teacher first (he pretended to be Mr. Kaly), I got to be the parent and Harriet (on the right) played my daughter. Then Harriet played Octavio's mom, I pretended to be Mr. Rossi, and then Harriet pretended to be Ms. Spjute and Octavio was my dad.

Yeah, fun times. Gotta make the best of where you're at, especially since we can't go anywhere else.

Hope you all had conferences as successful as our play ones were. See you on the 8th.

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Class of '64

Another e-mail from one of our friends:

Dear Granite Ghosts, Thanks so much for surrounding Connie and I tonight as we sang the Song of the G standing next to the seal. We truly sang our hearts out. It was a fun but a long, hot evening. I just got home (yes, it is nearly 11pm). Bart was there to help too. Well, Bart was paid. Connie and I were volunteers. It was the last reunion scheduled to meet in the building, the class of '64. I was made an honorary member of the class and am now a full fledged Granitian. We had a blast in the auditorium, it rocked! We all sang songs from the '60's. We ate steak and salmon in the cafeteria with glass plates, linen tablecloths, etc. Odd prizes were given to people who had 1. been single the longest 2. drove a car older than 15 years (I almost won that one.) 3. had accrued the most frequent flier miles 3. served the longest in the military, etc. I got teary when the military people stood up and remembered their classmates who died in VietNam. Connie and I spent several hours in the alumni room upstairs. She, of course, knew everyone. The evening ended with thunder and lightning. I guess you ghosts had a rockin' good time. Watch over Bart since he's probably still there. Pam


We were just glad to hear your voice again, along with all our friends from '64. Bart, along with his crew, did so much to make our school shine again, of course we will watch over him. Thank you for coming by, and we hope to see you, and the rest, again for the Judge game on October 8th. We will do our best to make sure the weather is great for you all, but no matter what we are looking forward to hearing you again as you eat dinner in the school during half-time.

See you then.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey guys, we'd love to see you again, and we just thought of a way to do it. Your old principal has to be here for the Judge games on the old football field anyway, so why don't you come down and watch a game (we heard she can get you in for free!).

We'd love to see you again. There's a game this Friday (Sept 18), sorry we didn't give you an earlier notice. We've been a bit busy the last couple of weeks with all those pesky district people coming and going, and giving away all your stuff! But it's been fun, moving things around on them, locking doors behind them and causing other mayhem. (Shoulda seen old what's-his-name, some big-wig at the district, when we made the ceiling drop down right in front of him. His toupee did a full 180)

Anyway, there's a couple other games you could come to. One on October 8th and one on October 23rd. The three of us have been talking and hope you make it to game on the 8th, the 23rd might be a little too cold and wet. Carole said (we CAN make it out to the field) that you could even order in some food and have dinner inside the building during half-time. We'd love that, hearing you guys laughing and joking again.

So, what does everybody think about making it down there for the game on the 8th? You could show up at any game and chat with Carole, but if we could get a bunch of you there on the 8th it would be fantastic.

Let us know - we'll pass the word on.

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